Changed my site header - how do i update cache for just that?

Forgot that CF caches everything nicely, but rather than purging the site cache, can anyone help
guide me to where to purge for just the header of my site.
Its an image link inserted in to my style.css. Thanks.

thanks sandro. I had read that. In the api section of cache - where it says

Purge individual files by URL and Cache-Tags

Do I just input the image file url which I am replacing? I dont understand the cache tags bit

Unless you have an Enterprise account, the tags are not relevant.

You basically enter the URL you want removed from the cache. If you can share the URL and point out what changed, respectively what you want to remove from the cache, we could have a look at it together.

thank you. I’ll get them now

hi sandro

In my style css, I’ve replace this image

with this

Did you save the new image under the same name as the previous one or did you give it a new name?

new name

Alright, in that case you need to remove the files containing the references to the previous image.

It seems would be the CSS containing that reference, however I am not sure if it is the only file as you embedded quite a few of it, depending on the media query. Maybe try one by one of the hnolm.css’es :slight_smile:

I’m an idiot. Forgot to clear my cache plugin. Sorted. Thanks for your time Sandro

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