Changed my name servers to cloudflare but now im blocked from wordpress

im not sure whats going on my sites aren’t working and im no longer allowed access to my wordpress for the site i changed my nameservers back to bluehost and allowed 24 hours for it to propagate and everything was working as it should and i could get into my wordpress just fine. I then changed my nameservers back to Cloudflare and I did it correctly but now I’m facing the same issue. I’m locked out of Wordpress and my pages aren’t working properly. How do I fix this? I’m unsure how to proceed. please help me so i can get my business back up and running

My guess here is that caching messes with Wordpress login.

The easiest temporary solution is to unproxy the specific subdomain on which Wordpress is on.
That will give you access as if Cloudflare wasn’t there.

After we can discuss better config options.

whats even worse is my actual web page is not working now ether

Disabling the proxy will remove Cloudflare from the path altogether, so it should solve both.

What is the error you are seeing now, though?
It will help us fix it later.

I got an error when visiting check&nonce=9a9fc996762c710982882a658515abc71c70580b6c6590144b9c897b42607177&salt=8c34f43769cf381fd21f7ab4428bebb8e8c107b482aba48bce69c539718bf1a6&bounce=admin.php%3Fpage%3Dbluehost.

Error code: 1020

Ray ID: 7a6d53a8bd41e21f

Country: US

Data center: ord02

Timestamp: 2023-03-12 16:13:50 UTC

Wait, a 1020 is an access denied error, that is a configuration you must have added in the Firewall Rules section for your account.

but when i try going to me web page it pops up redirect ( with a meet clickfunnles page)

everything was working with no problems a few days ago and i didnt change anything at all and now this is happening and it all started after my ssl certificate updated

Oh, wait.

You are using Clickfunnels… :frowning:

Can you share your domain name?

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this chat wont allow me but its brandonthornburg marketing .com put that together for the domain name

how do i change this and what account Cloudflare or bluehost/wordpress ?

This isn’t even proxied, so the issue lies with Clickfunnel, unless you unproxied as I asked you to do so.

It also redirects me to Clickfunnels’ home page, so something is wrong with the config on the backend.

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Definitely not. Please avoid sharing phone numbers here.

I am not paid support, contact a developer at this point.

where am i checking for this firewALL information in Cloudflare or bluehost

Again, you are not even proxying the domain, nor is it function at all.

This is completely unrelated to anything we can do here. This is outside of whatever you can do in your account.

Contact Clickfunnels.

Their 1020 looks to have happened when visiting their Bluehost account admin page, as it mentions bounce=admin.php%3Fpage%3Dbluehost. When I visit, it shows Cloudflare headers.

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So contact Clickfunnels and Bluehost.

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It was 1020 now it’s saying 1014