Changed my DNS - my website is not live

Hi I changed my DNS according to the text provided, now my website is not live. when i ping my website it gives me cloudfare ip , but further connection is not there. what should i do.

Hi @lyfcoins,

What is the domain and do you get an error message when you visit the site?

too many redirects

You don’t seem to be proxying through Cloudflare at the moment, but here is some info on the error. My best guess would be that your SSL/TLS mode is set to Flexible - it should be Full (strict) as you have a valid cert on the server.

The errors “The page isn’t redirecting properly” or “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” indicates a redirect loop between Cloudflare and your origin server. The easiest fix for this is to remove the redirect on your origin server. For a more detailed set of options, review the troubleshooting suggestions in this Community Tip. Let us know if you continue to see issues after trying the Quick Fix Ideas in the Tip, we’re happy to help further.

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