Changed IP for *A Record and it's forcing DNS only (grey)

Still new to this. I had a site setup on Cloudflare. There were (3) A records (all orange cloud). The MX is with Network Solutions.

We migrated the site to a new server. I changed the IP Address for the (3) A records. After I did that, for some reason the *A record won’t move to orange. It’s on grey DNS Only, and is unchangeable. The only other record change we made was to add an SPF record so we could relay smtp messages from the site’s host (since they aren’t the mx).

So right now the A domain name, the A www are both orange cloud proxy, but the *A record is DNS only (before all 3 were proxy).

Can anyone help?

Wildcard proxy is not a Free Plan feature. It’s offered at the Enterprise plan level.

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I get that, but what’s weird is they were ALL proxied, until I changed the IP address. Once I changed the IP addresses to the new one, the * changed to grey.

Is there another way to set this up so it’s proxied?

You can cross your fingers and hope there’s another glitch that will let you proxy a wildcard DNS record. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually enter all those hostnames so you can proxy them.

Sorry for the additional question on that / excuse my ignorance, but what would I manually be adding instead of the * A record? How many / what records? I am happy to set up manually - how many records are we talking? Do you have a link or info to help this newbie out with that info? :slight_smile:

That’s up to you. I don’t know why you have a wildcard DNS record.

Is this was a non-wildcard A record set looks like?

Yes, those hostnames may be why you added Wildcard DNS.

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