Changed IP. Flushed Cache. Proxy still shows old website

We moved our website to a new IP and new CNAME. I flushed everything in the cache. I have waited multiple days. Why does it still show the old website? If I turn off the proxy it shows the new website.

Domain -


Did you change hosting as well? I suspect so. Who’s the old host?

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Old CNAME = www

Is that what you need?

If you’ve moved away from WP Engine, you need to ask them to completely clear your domain from their settings and their Cloudflare integration. They’re supposed to clean up those settings when you leave their service.

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Wait. Are you telling me there is a setting in the background that I dont have any control over that forces our website to point to them?

Cloudflare SaaS customers claim control over your hostname when you verify your domain with them. They should remove this when you are no longer a customer but you may need to follow up with them to make sure this is done.

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