Changed Hosting - Unsure if Cloudflare CDN is Still working

Hi Guys,

I recently changed hosting from Siteground where I was using the Cloudflare CDN under my Growbig plan with them.

It appears with my new hosting the Cloudflare CDN is not working anymore.

On my site registrar I have the name servers pointing to Cloudflare - but I am unsure if I have to update anything on Cloudflare to point to my new hosting?

I asked the new hosting but they were just pushy to try sell me their own CDN services.

I would appreciate any help!


So you used Cloudflare via your previous host? In that case it was a partial setup which cant be used with your new host. You will need to set up your domain from scratch on a proper Cloudflare account.

Whats your domain? And post a full page screenshot of your DNS screen (redact IP addresses if you want).

Thanks for your reply,

Ok so would that mean removing it out of my existing Cloudflare account and starting over again?

This site was in my Cloudflare account - but ran through Siteground

(When I was with Siteground when I went to the DNS page I would get the notification ‘Partner hosted zone. Your DNS zone file is hosted by , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.’

Domain is


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