Changed host - Do I need to update Cloud Flare?

I updated my hosting package on HostGator and the new package has a new name server. How do I update my existing cloudflare configuration to point to this new name server rather than the old one.

Someone on this forum wrote: “If your domain is already on Cloudflare, you only need to update the DNS entries on your Cloudflare DNS page. Just make it match the DNS settings at your new host.”

But I don’t understand what that really means. How do I know what the DNS settings are of the new host server? Is this referring to the IP address of the new hosting package?

A good rule of thumb is that all your DNS records here should match the DNS records at your host. An identical copy. If something changes at your host, you need to re-check your DNS records. No need to worry about new name servers, as you’re using Cloudflare’s name servers.

I hope I have found my own solution.

I went to my hostgator hosting cpanel and I searched for " Server Info & Settings". In there, along with my new name server name, I saw an IP address. Then I opened my CloudFlare dashboard DNS tab and I changed every IP address I saw in that tap settings to be the same as the IP I found in my HostGator account.

I hope that was the right thing to do. If no, please let me know. Thank you.

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My websites are all working now with the change to the IP.

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