Changed host and now unable to run through Cloudflare

Hi guys, I changed hosting provider last week and tried to update my Cloudflare account to use new host however it seemed my old setup was rather different so proceeded to delete that profile and start a new site with the same domain on Cloudflare. Went through the automated step and it seemed to have run successfully.

However after the switch my site became mostly inaccessible, and I was seeing 1016 DNS errors. Even after 48 hours it seems the DNS failed to propagate to all but 2 locations according to dnschecker with

I am not aware if I need to manually add any records ( it was all auto populated ) to the DNS section on Cloudflare. My host seems to think I am missing the main A record pointing to my new IP, but I cannot manually add this as Cloudflare errors out stating I already have a CNAME record with that host.

Any pointers would be most appreciated

Welcome to the Cloudflare community.

If you click the error number in your post, it will take you a #tutorial that explains what the error means. Quick Fix Ideas #3 seems likely.

Have you considered deleting the CNAME and replacing it with the A records your host suggested?

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