Changed e-mail address - no verification received

i changed my email address but verification email is not beeing received. i’m able to receive external email on the same address i used for Cloudflare. of cause i checked spam settings and junk mail, but nothing there. can someone please advice?

many thanks in advance!

Think so your mail id was went to Cloudflare supension item . MAYBE

@cloonan should be able to help you



I am sorry to hear that.

May I suggest looking into below article:

Furthermore, may I tag @cloonan to check this when available.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply.

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Thank you @Neeraj_1 @AppleSlayer @fritex, I removed your email from the supression list and sent you a verification token. LMK if you are able to login.


Thanks for all your fast reply!

I received the verification email and my account is now verified. Many thanks @cloonan


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