Changed DNS to update based on CloudFlare recommendation

I changed DNS in GoDaddy who provides my website address. Cloudflare hosts the content. I now get ERROR 1000 - DNS Point to Prohibited IP Address. I do not know what the next step is to correct this.
I changed the DNS on GoDaddy as below:


achiel.ns.Cloudflare followed by .com
hazel.ns.Cloudflare. followed by .com

Any help would be appreciated. My website is not on the air at the moment.


Probably not, Cloudflare is not a hosting provider, exceptions apply, but not here based on your post (you don’t use #developers:cloudflare-pages). What is the URL?

The Error 1000 says something is off with the IP value of your A DNS record. Click Error 1000 and follow the directions in the #tutorial for ideas of how that record got there. Let us know how it goes.

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