Changed DNS & Cloudflare it's inactive

as you will see. the NS fields of the server are correctly changed.
Should I do something else?

I received an email as if I had to change them and appear in who is correctly.

Your domain is not properly configured for Cloudflare. Instead of having changed your nameservers, you created two NS records at your host. Drop these two and change your nameservers at your registrar instead.

That isn’t new records NS. The values was and
This is what I changed for the records indicated by Cloudflare

My servir is a VPS server and PLESK panel

Thank you for your help.

As evident from your screenshot you created two NS records. As I said, you need to delete them and properly change the nameservers at your registrar. Contact your registrar for more details on how to do that.

OK @sandro Thank You so much per your time.

If continue the problem, I will return here

Best regards,
Borja Echevarria

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