Changed dns and now site wont work

I recently took over our churches website and have been having issues to get gsuite to work with it and it told me to go to cloudflare and input the info there i needed. That’s no problem, but when i got to cloudflare i could not find any login info with our churches info since someone else set it all up who we can no longer get in contact with. so i proceeded to make an account in churches info, and it asked me to update the nameservers which i did on godaddy to the new nameservers provided. well our site completely crashed and so i reverted it back to the original nameservers and site still is not working, gives an error 1000 and i cant get into our wordpress which we login at i cant get to it anymore at all. Any help would be appreciated.

The error is very clear:

DNS points to prohibited IP

See here

So try to change the IP to the correct IP and get your site back online

My biggest problem i guess is i dont have the original IP address.

So you are pointing to an CloudFlare IP becasue you resolved the Domain (which points to an CF IP) because you thought that will work.
Well that does not work unfortunately.

You need the origin IP for that to work. Othwrwise it will never work.

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