Changed DNS and now cant access CLOUDFLARE Account...need mx and txt records

Hi there,

I am writting to you today because my emails do not work anymore after changing DNS to GoDaddy.

THey are asking me for mx and txt records in order to connect the emails correctly.

This is quite urgent. Also my cloudflare account is [email protected] isnt working because when the token is sent I do not receive it due to the emails being down.

Kind Regards,

Sebastiaan Goltz

You can either…

  • change your DNS back to Cloudflare, and look up the records by making DNS queries (and should also make your email work so you can log in and actually look at the DNS)


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Thank you.

Where can I find the cloudflare DNS ?

The Cloudflare DNS records are in your account…
…but you said you can’t log in.

You can try here…

Great thank you for your reply