Changed DNS and my site crashed

Hi, I recently moved my VPS to a cloud system.
When I went to CF and changed my new IP’s my site crashed. Help


Does load fine for me. Only thing, you have “mixed content” but if you search the forum here you will find plenty for answers on how to fix that.

what do you mean by mixed content?

You need to search for that term here on the forum.

ok, thanks!

Respectively, what exactly did you mean by “crash”?

Error establishing a database connection

Where do you get that error? I do not seem to get it.

Though, that is most likely because you pointed your database connection string to a hostname which is now proxied through Cloudflare and that wont work. localhost is most likely what you want for that connection string. That must be somewhere in your site configuration.

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I’ll look into that thanks

Cool website!

thank you Scott!

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