Changed A record to Bluehost IP Address but still not propagated after 24 hours

I have a domain that’s registered with GoDaddy but I pointed nameservers to Cloudfare already. The domain is I’m trying to point the site to Bluehost which I already have the ip address from my account. I added A record with the IP address but it seems like the domain is still pointing to Cloudfare IP Address which is It has to be

It’s also has been more than 48 hours since I change the address. Not sure if I need to do anything else?

This is what I have in my cloudfare dashboard

A Proxied
CNAME www Proxied

When I added it in Cloudfare I used @ but it auto corrected to be the domain name itself.

If you need the public address to be the 74. one, you’ll have to unproxy it to bypass Cloudflare. But if you want to proxy your Bluehost site, your public IP address won’t change from the 172 and 104 addresses of the Cloudflare Proxy.

Right now, the site is blank. Is it supposed to be that way?

Thanks for the reply. I think I see what you mean about the proxy. So, if I leave the settings as they are now I won’t be able to see the 74 IP Address as the public will always be the ones from Cloudfare. Now, how do I make sure that after Cloudfare it will go to Bluehost? And do I need to do anything else in Cloudfare to be able to redirect the traffic to Bluehost?

If I can be sure that everything is right on Cloudfare, then I can go back to Bluehost to check on their end. And no the site is supposed to be wordpress that I already setup in Bluehost. I’m trying to fix the blank page.

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