Changed A-record but still points to the old server

I’m struggling. I just added one my client’s website on Cloudflare and a simple NS check shows that it has worked. I changed the A-record to put the new server we’re migrating to.

Unfortunately, the website still points to the previous server IP.

The TTL should be of 5 minutes max if i’m not mistaken, but it has been 2 hours and no change.

To test, I put the status to “DNS only” on the A record, and it actually did work (but I can’t choose that possibility cause I need the Cloudflare SSL certificate). So something wrong is happening on Cloudflare’s side.

It seems the old server IP is still there as a ghost and Cloudflare hasn’t deleted it.

Please help :slight_smile:

How exactly without a domain?

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Ha indeed. Domain’s « ». I just tested it and it shows the good server on Pingdom and Gtmetrix, so could it be just slow propagation? I thought A record propagation was fast.

Considering that it is proxied there is not even propagation involved, so a record change should be almost instantaneous.

So how is it possible majority of tests show the new server, but some show the old?

Both, your naked domain and your www record, are proxied. How do you determine that it “shows” different servers?

Because when I browse on it, even with all Dns and cache flushed, I see the old website, while some tools show me the new one. Any ideas?

Is it the main page of your domain or a particular host?

Main page. It has to be cache since I see it correctly on some other computers and phones…

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Main page looks like this

You do have a mixed content issue on HTTPS though.

It sometimes looks like this (new website) for me too, but sometimes I see the old site, as if it was load balancing between the old and the new server. This is so weird…

That does seem like a cachine issue, whether that is local or somewhere inbetween is difficult to tell. Do you have the issue with different browsers?

Yes we do. And also same browser, balancing between the two websites.

It it still happening, some users tell me they see the old server and some tell me they see the new one…

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