Changed A-Record but it points somewhere else

I am working on brilliantlightpower-dot-com. It is properly setup with nameservers going to Cloudflare. I added multiple subdomain records that worked, but when I changed A Record to (from The DNS Checker shows!

I changed it back to the old IP and it resolves correctly.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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Of course it does. That is a Cloudflare proxy IP. When your names are set to :orange: proxied DNS will always return Cloudflare proxy IPs.

Take a look at the life of a request in this brief guide. It should demonstrate why you can change your IP and have it stay the same. Your visitors connect to Cloudflare which then connects to your origin server on their behalf.


So the answer is to turn off proxied DNS?

Certainly you can do that @website27, but understand in doing so you would disable Cloudflare services.


The answer is that you will not see the IP change when you perform a public lookup. You will see the change in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app.


First of all… Thank you all for responding.

I am trying to make a staging site on live. But the site wasn’t resolving. For some time this company’s site was dead, so I changed it back to the old server It was fine under proxied for the old, but not for the new.

How do you maintain the proxy - and still have it go to the changed IP address?

As soon as you change the IP address in Cloudflare, Cloudflare starts sending requests to the new IP.

What response do you see when you switch to the new IP?

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After changing the IP for the A Record, the site has too many redirects and fails to load.

I am not on the server end. Could there be something on the server end that is preventing the connection through Cloudflare?

:point_up_2: Click that link for a longer explanation.

The short version is two steps:

  1. Make sure that Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)
  2. Use either a valid public certificate or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on your origin server

Thank you.


This has been nerve-racking. I sent the private and public keys to the server administrator. And I have the SSL/TLS set to Full (strict). It was set to Flexible.

I assume he will know what to do with them on the server side.

Thank you again.


I changed to DNS only. I added a pem file to the public_html folder with the Origin Certificate text. But the server admin asked me to delete it.

Not sure what needs to be done on the server, but I’ll resolve it later.

Thanks again.

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