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Hi, i am on siteground( partner of Cloudflare), i want to use dns from Cloudflare not form siteground but Cloudflare don’t give me the access to DNS for nameservers. I read some posts and talk me to create new account and add the domain, but with this method i pay pro licence 20 when i on my partner i have payed only 9 . How to unlock with this accoutn without create another? thank you.

Hi @user8945,

Sorry you didn’t get a reply before now.

If your partner does not allow you to have a full DNS setup, your only option is to create a new Cloudflare account and add the domain here.

Your host will have had custom pricing and their plans will likely be different from the ones offered directly by Cloudflare.

The next plan up from the free one is their $20/month Pro plan.

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Thank you for answer. Siteground talk me if Cloudflare give me the name servers to point they point my domain to these name servers.

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