Change WordPress memory limit in php.ini

I need to increase the memory limit for WordPress in the php.ini file for one of my WP websites, however since Cloudflare is my name server, any changes to the php.ini file are not applied.

How do I make a change (ex: increase PHP memory limit in php.ini) while using Cloudflare?


Nameservers and server configuration could not be any more unrelated.

You need to contact your host.

I was on the phone with my host for 30 minutes trying to figure it out. Any change we made was not reflected in any of the WordPress installs that I have that are using cloudflair. It doesn’t even list the max upload size or the memory limit as a megabyte number. It is just a string of numbers that don’t even equate to the values entered in the PHP or WP-config files.

Thats still something you need to check on your server. Cloudflare has absolutely no - none whatsoever - influence on your server configuration.

As far as upload is concerned, you can only upload a maximum of 100 megabytes, but that is not a configuration setting but simple a standard Cloudflare limit.

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