Change Whois Contact Email

Hey Cloudflare Community,
I’m trying to update the contact details of several domains that I have with an old email address I had, and I’d like to put another email address for all the contact types (billing, technical, etc).

The problem I’m facing is that the admin panel is telling me that I have unverified contacts. But I have put the same email address that I have for Cloudflare and is verified.

Thank you

I can see that on your dash, and I can see the verification status as verified on your profile. Have you tried to resend the verification email from the manage domains → contact screen that is showing the error?

This is exactly what I have tried, but doesn’t work.

El El jue, 15 dic 2022 a las 0:37, cloonan via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> escribió:

Still facing the issue, multiple domains.
I only receive the email requesting the approval one time, then I click the link, approve and… nothing happens.
If I try “resend verification email”… the system is telling that the email has been sent but I don’t receive it.
Seems some error in the backend/backoffice.

Same problem during days… no customer support, and I don’t have a solution.
Seems the only way is to consider moving all the domains to another registrar.

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