Change website from Http to https Dropped my google Rank!

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Actually i own
recently (about 25 days) I changed my website from http to https, all went ok.

Now the main issue is that I lost my google ranking from being at the very top in 1st page!!!

I read and read, must said google will take to to re-index or what ever…25 days Passed still not getting my position back!

Reading more and more, I found some are telling it could be cloud flare wrong config.I kindly ask you to check if what is made can leads to such a drop?

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Your DNS setup looks okay. Certificate works too, so I’d venture to say Cloudflare-wise you are fine. You also redirect HTTP to HTTPS, so I wouldnt assume it is a duplicate content issue either (even though I assume Google would be smart enough anyhow to not consider HTTP and HTTPS duplicate content).

Thanks for fast check and reply…

So what do u suggest? Site for almost 7 years old being the 1st in automotive cant keep down like now!

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No idea I am afraid, I am only a tad more familiar with SEO than with Javanese ;). I’d probably start with checking some Google webmaster dashboards to find if it mentions anything that wasnt there before.

Thank for reply…

All same but only shows that clicks dropped from 16K per day to 2500 / day!

Indexing is going fine But every day @ 12 PM, It gave me 1000 page error, I check links, I found all ok then I select all and hit as fixed!
If you put on google:
You will see results, these results are increasing every day more than what site is getting daily new threads.
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