Change Web Host For Domain registered with cloudflare registrar

Thanks for your help, However, I’ve not been able to set the site up successfully.

Turns out Awardspace did not have what I was looking for, so I have an hosting with Namecheap but I have not been able to add the domain as an add-on domain in my namecheap hosting panel as it is telling me the domain is pointed to remote nameservers.

The verification is not working either as I have added the TXT record but namecheap doesn’t seem to see it.

Please any help would be highly appreciated. This has cost me a lot already. thanks again. Below is a screenshot of the current records I set for the domain at Cloudflare

Can you confirm with them whether you can have an addon domain without that domain pointing to their nameservers?

The current settings cant work as that IP address is - presumably - incorrect. However something loads on your site right now, so maybe you changed the entries meanwhile.

Thanks all, I have been able to add it from my new host side. Thanks for your help
And i hope Cloudflare adds options to change nameservers very soon…cost me a lot of time today

Edit: i thought i posted this yesterday

Thanks so much. Yes I went ahead to change all the entries and got it to work yesterday.