Change Web Host For Domain registered with cloudflare registrar


Please, I want to change my web host service and for that I need to change Nameservers that my domain is pointed to. I do not see any option to change nameservers anywhere in the cloudflare dashboard. My domain registrar is cloudflare…I just transferred in. Please any help on how to do this would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

As mentioned in so many other threads, you currently cant do that. Cloudflare does not offer that option. Simply adjust the DNS records on Cloudflare to whatever you need.

If you really have to change the nameservers, you will have to wait for 60 days, at which point you can transfer the domain to a different registrar.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
However, I do not understand much about DNS, I do not know which records to change and my hosting provider did not provide any DNS records, just nameservers.
Thanks again

Every shared web hosting or any hosting does always have an Public ip address of their server, when you login to cpanel or hosting panel , you may see an public IP anywhere on panel , thats what you can use to point your domain to new web host using DNS option in cloudflare and add A record of your domain . pointing to IP address.

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Thanks, if I understand what you are saying, I will find the IP address of the host and change the A records in my cloudflare dash as below

sorry if i’m asking too much but will I delete the A records there before or just edit them?
Thanks again.

You can edit all Records containing OLD IP address and replace them with new one.

Also this is what i found for your webhost:

" If you wish to point your domain to Awardspace without modifying your Name Server records, you can use an A record (also known as a web server’s IP address) instead. Your Server’s IP address can be found in the Information section of your Domain Manager "

Yes, thank you so much. I am really grateful.

Please, just to be safe, is there any other thing I need to change?

if your new web host is already setup, thats all you need to do and you will be good to go.

Thank you, but on trying to change the values, I get the following error:
DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): This DNS record cannot be proxied - click the cloud icon to turn it gray to proceed (Code: 9041)

And also, i want to delete the existing subdomains (tagged blog and tv) do I just click on delete?

What are you trying to change it to?

this address supplied by Awardspace

Screenshot of error and details you are putting in?

That should work just fine. Can you post a screenshot of the error you get, including the form where you entered the data.

I’ve been trying to input the address into the main site url A recprd box(

Works just fine for me. Make sure you have no additional spaces when you enter it.

Or trying removing the record and add it again with new ip?

Alright, thank you so much. I will try now

Basically follow

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You guys are so wonderful, I have been able to change them. Thank you so much.

Just waiting for propagation now. I am really grateful for the help once again.

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Propagation shouldnt apply in this case as the entries are proxied. It only needs to become active within Cloudflare, which is a matters of seconds, minutes at worst.