Change username

Hi, I don’t know how I got this username here. Much like here, I don’t remember setting it, I think it must have been taken from my email address.

Can it be changed to “curtispf” please @ryan? Thanks!

Open a ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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Hey @curtispf, new year, new name! Lmk your ticket number, include your desired new name and I’ll get on it asap.

Edit - Picked up curtispf and made the change.


I thought of changing my username. Just to put an emoji after it… :us: (I’m fairly patriotic). But I don’t want the disconnect from my old posts. Can this community’s code be edited to automatically add the flag of the user’s country next to their name?

I goofed. I was playing with my Title in settings, and now my “MVP” title is gone. =(


Hey there @jules, no worries, we can fix that! We upped the amount of time a user can change names (it’s now at max allowable I believe) and you will still be associated with your older posts.


@cloonan Thanks for the update!

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Title restored! Thank you for letting me know. And, I tried to wave the :us: on your username, but received the error I added incorrect characters. Will investigate code change options with discourse.


The Badge/Title “MVP” still does not exist. I miss seeing it next to my name.

It would be cool to have selectable titles like “[flag] MVP”. Then normal users can see international support from gurus.


Sorry, must not have saved change, is back now. +1 on country flag…would also hint to language. Not allowed at moment but checking out how it could be done.

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