Change to non-CF nameservers?

We have been migrating our domain registrations into CF, and mostly that’s been fine. But then a client needed to move away, and needed to switch to non-CF nameservers before we transferred the domain registration to them.

Is it really not possible to change the domain nameservers to something other than CF? And what if we need to migrate a domain from one CF account to another?

As per the documentation, you have to transfer a domain out to another registrar to do this.

No. CF Registrar is a value add service for Cloudflare users, and not a general purpose registrar.

Are the domains yours, or your clients? If you are a developer or similar service provider, the domains should be in the clients account. They can then grant you access to their account. Putting clients domains in your account is bad practice, and just leads to a mess, as you are discovering.

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