Change to mode "DNS & Proxy" only for ipv6 AAAA record, but also get ipv4 A record affected unexpectedly

On the same subdomain, I have A and AAAA records
First, I use mode DNS only, both records point to the origin IP respectively

Then I decide to forward the traffic of the ipv6 AAAA record through Cloudflare, only for ipv6, not ipv4, like the image below

but somehow, the change also affects to the ipv4 A record, which it’s not expected
So I wonder, is it a bug of Cloudflare, or this is how it works?
Anyone have the same issue like me?

AFAIK you cant define different proxy statuses for the same hostname. That would leave an undefined state and break e.g. page rules.

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still don’t understand why it’s impossible. since even with the same hostname, but in our case, the server behind ipv4 and the on behind ipv6 are different, we do it on purpose

It is not impossible but - AFAIK - not supported for aforementioned reason.

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