Change to another ip

I have changed vps ip on dns management but my domain not working anymore somebody how can I fix this problem ?

What’s the domain?

bus13.luxtrick . com
luxtrick .com

The domain is recently registered. As of now, it does not have a valid DNS record. See this:

Contact your domain registrar in this case.

my dns record setup is Cloudflare but i dont know how fix this problem

You are using Cloudflare for proxy purpose and other security benefits. Here, the issue is not related to Cloudflare rather the domain itself.

It is here:

Your registrar:

what say to my domain registrar ?

Attach this link. Just enquire about the DNS record as it does not have one.

answer me talk with Cloudflare host of site I dont know what should I do :frowning:

? What does that mean? I’ve already said:

@luxtrick have you created any A or AAAA records in your Cloudflare DNS?

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