Change TLS Cipher order


is it possible to set the TLS cipher order?

A customer asked the following:

“…Right now, your website prefers the ciphers associated with TLS 1.2 over those associated with TLS 1.3. …”

There is another topic here that asked the same, but sadly there was no reply or solution, so I give it another shot: TLS cipher order

Thank you!

Hi there!

You can manage that using the cipher’s customization methods:

Note that this process only refers to connections between clients and the Cloudflare network. For connections between Cloudflare and your origin server, refer to the Match on origin option.

Take care!


Thanks for the help! So basically I can use an API request to change the cipher values:

Is the order in the ciphers array preserved or is it just a set and the order might be different for the client making a connection?

I have adjusted the cipher set using the recommendations from the documentation and it worked, the order is no longer an issue.

Thank you for your support!

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