Change the Name Server requires an IP address



I just joined Clodflare to use CDN for my website and after registering my domain, CF asks to change the Name Server in the DNS settings of my Hosting Provider with the values of CF.
My current hosting server is and to be able to change N.S. they ask me for an IP address (to which must point).

I was looking in the forum where I can find the IP addresses of Cloudflare to be inserted together with N.S.?

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You could try an IP address lookup for each of the name servers. Each name server has two IP addresses, so just pick one and enter it.


Thanks a lot,
in my DNS control panel I change the Name Server of with those of clodflare but to make the change a Cloudflare IP address is required.
I have just found this, this should be the solution


Those are not the Name Server IP addresses. Those are the reverse proxy server addresses.


So I was wrong and I still do not know where to find the IP addresses of Cloudflare, and thanks for the link you shared but if I do the test I see my current IP and I do not see what IP address I should point to use Cloudflare.


If go to the what’s my DNS link, type in the name of a cloudflare name server they gave you. Or just post the two name servers they assigned and I (or someone else) can post back their IP addresses.


Perfect, excellent … thanks a lot.


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