Change the mobile phone, cloudflare two time verification can not be entered


My account [email protected] changed my cell phone. I couldn’t log in two times. Please help!!! Thx!

My Google authenticator forgot
I have an account two times unauthenticated
My account can't get in

I guess you mean 2-factor-auth (2FA)?
During activiation of the 2nd factor there were displayed a few backup codes you should
have written down and stored in a safe place. If you did’t have these codes, you should open a
support ticket. support [at] cloudflare [d0t] com.


My Google authenticator forgot.

Unable to login to cloudflare.



Use the backup code you received when you set up 2FA:


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Hi Sir ,

i use Two-Factor Authentication Backup Code

Still can’t get in


Mobile phone restore original factory settings, two certification can not log in!! please help


Email support: support(@)cloudflare(.)com

Or open a ticket at

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