Hello, it’s the first time we’ve heard about cloudflare and we’re interested, we don’t register with cloudflare but when we configure the cloudflare account it asks us to change the name of our servers to cloudflare.

But we have some doubts.

1-. By changing the server name we will lose our files from our Wordpress online store.?
2-. We upload products weekly to our online store, they will continue to be uploaded.
3- Will our contracted Hosting continue to store the files? or stored cloudflare.

We have a lot of traffic and our website is SEO optimized.
When changing the name of the servers, will we lose SEO?

May I ask if you’re using some kind of a 3rd-party service provider for your WordPress e-commerce webshop or manual installation on some web hosting? :thinking:

Cloudflare would definitely help with it :wink:

From my experience of more than 80 Website on Cloudflare, nope, not a case. Only gains.

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We are using manual installation on our hosting.

I didn’t understand you, working with cloudflare is good for SEO.

We just want to know if when we change the servers to cloudflare our files that we have hosted will continue to remain in our hosting…?

Yes. When you use Cloudflare, your files are still on your existing hosting. Cloudflare sits between your visitors and your site. You can see more detail here:

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