Change Server location as it's in a different country

I am in Ireland and use Virgin Media, my company requires speed tests to work from home, and for some reason when I do the test with Cloudflare, it’s sending the signal to Milan, Italy.

I have no VPN enabled and my location is in Ireland, so the map shows the line connecting each other.

I suspect this is why I have a higher latency then I am required to have, can anyone help with setting the server location to Dublin or somewhere in Ireland, as other ISPs seem to do this fine.

Cloudflare’s IP addresses are advertised from every data centre, so if your connection to Cloudflare is routed to Italy, that’s likely due to a routing decision by your ISP.

You can try for other Cloudflare sites and see if it affects all. Try and see what colo it gives you.

I’m unfamiliar with how this works, that link gives me a set of lines, do I put that in some where?

Appreciate the quick help though

You will see a line colo=XXX which tells you which Cloudflare data centre the request is being serviced by.

I see, and is it possible to change the data center?

I keep reading that this is fixed, and I have found no way to change this.

Just did the check you gave me and it came back

But the map I do the speed check on is still showing up as Server location: Milan


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