Change registrar and now getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Changed my domain registrar from godaddy to hostpapa. I was already using cloudfare. As soon as I created the host papa account, I wasn’t able to access my website. In Chrome I get the above error. Went into hostpapa cpanel and connected to cloudfare. It’s only been about 16 hours or so, but cloudfare says the site is active and hostpapa and sent the domain transfer successful email. So my question is do I need to do anything from my new registrar to cloudflair? The name servers are correct. Do I need to remove the a record for the root from hostpapa?

Without knowing the actual domain, there’s not much we can suggest other than what already shows up in Search for that error:

Thanks for your help. The domain is

It looks like you’ve fixed the certificate error.

I still can’t access the site. I see that the cert seems ok, but for some reason my origin host is just giving me a 403 Access Forbidden. I tried switching the cloudflair pointer to the new host and it works just fine, the issue is I can’t transfer the site from the original. I set the clairflair pointer back to the origin host ip. At least this tells me the cloudflair setup works.

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