Change registrar and DNS


I just changed my registrar from onlydomains to porkbun
But I also changed my hosting from A2 to qualityserviceonline

I updated my DNS in porkbun to the DNS of clloudflare, but do I also need to update the DNS in Cloudflare to reflect the change of my hosting company?

Thank you for your advice.

regards, Bernard

Yes. If you still are using your A2 IPs in your Cloudflare DNS, your visitors will be looking at whatever the A2 server returns rather than your site on qualityserviceonline.

Thank you very much for your email.
Do you have any idea how to do this and what to change.

I wanted to send you all my Cloudflare records, but I’m not allowed to send links in this post.

Thank you for your advice.


You just need to update the IPs for the names that you moved from A2 to qualityserviceonline.

If your domain is and and your website is accessible via you need to update the DNS entry for www in Cloudflare. This assumes that you have an A record for www. Your setup could be different.

It is probably best to collect the necessary information from your new hosting provider, qualityserviceonline.

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