Change Proxied IP to a non-blocklisted one

My developer found that the IP Cloudflare gave me is blocklisted. He is wondering two things.

  1. Can you change the proxied IP to a non-blocklisted one?
  2. Do you have any possible way to get your domain removed from the blocklists now that it got on them?
    Thank you very much for your help.

A Cloudflare IP address being blocked is different from your domain being blocked.

If a Cloudflare IP address allocated to your domain is blocked, you can’t change it. You’ll just have to complain to your ISP.

If it is your domain name that is on a block list, then you’ll need to find out which list it is on and contact the list operator to see how and when you can get it removed.

It is also worth mentioning that blocklists are numerous and have various inclusion criteria and applications. There used to be one called No False Positives that listed the entire IPv4 space.

Most of the use cases of such lists involve blocking a connection from the listed IP. You will not be initiating connections from the Cloudflare proxy. That renders any such listing essentially meaningless.

Too many people get into a frenzy about a listed IP without taking the time to identify whether the listing will even have any relevant impact.

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