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Hi, I am facing the same issue where my Change Plan button (and all similar ones) is disabled. I was on a CF paid plan thru a hoster who canceled CF subscription services and invite me to use CF Dashboard.

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I can see this in your account on the overview app of of the dash for your domain
Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 3.04.56 PM

If you don’t see that option, perhaps try from a different browser, mobile device, or clear cache & cookies and try again?

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it is not showing on my dashboard (cache cleaned, other Browser tested, Thru Mobile tested).


Sorry about the issues, can you attach a screen shot of what you are seeing for the change option?

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Thank you, I see the issue. The screen shot I showed is from a zone signed up directly with cloudflare on a free plan, the one that you shared is signed up on a partial partner plan and you’d either need to move it to be signed up directly via cloudflare or contact the partner to see what options they have to upgrade. Sorry for the confusion.

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