Change padlock to show Cloudflare Inc. instead of Let's Encrypt SSL

Greetings, I am using shared VPS hosting with multiple add on domains and have set them to use the Cloudflare DNS.
The main domain shows “Cloudflare Inc” in the browser padlock but the add on domains show “Let’s Encrypt” and I would like to show the former in at least one of them. I use add on domains with either Auto SSL and paid ones but neither of those show what the primary domain shows. Everything works just fine except this minor issue which I would like to solve for at least one specific add on domain.

Why is that an issue?

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Hello and thank you for your response! I am building a website for a client who strongly believes that showing the “Cloudflare Inc” in the padlock is more prestigious/official appearance.

I am afraid that is not right, Let’s Encrypt certificates are perfectly fine.

Cloudflare is using several CAs and LE is one of them.

You could try to switch CA as mentioned at SSL certificate is not valid on older macs - #2 by sandro but that is not guaranteed to work either.

In short, your current certificate works fine.


I know they work fine and I tested and configured already things like MX for mail clients etc but I thought that it was some kind of restriction for add on domains since only the primary shows “Cloudflare Inc” but I guess I was wrong. It’s a matter of appearance only. Are CAs randomly picked from Cloudflare?

Sort of randomly. You can try aforementioned API call or order an ACM certificate, the latter also allows you to choose the CA.

Not worth the hassle or cost for appearances only, thank you sincerely for your time!

True :slight_smile:

My pleasure

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