Change owner of account (with all website)

first info. I know about this way (migrate website to other account)

But if is possible change owner of account with all website? Is right way add new account member with Super Administrator - All Privileges and delete old Superadmin member?
Will this definitively change the ownership or will for example the original founder’s email still be linked to the account?
Does anyone know a recommended course of action?

I believe that, if you simply want to make a new user the complete owner of your Cloudflare account (including, I guess, any other accounts that you’ve been added to) the best thing to do is change your account email address to theirs. You’d definitely want to remove any 2fa authentication first. Once changed, they can log in with your password, change it to theirs, and they’re the new owner.

I’ve been researching this exact question the past few days, am no expert, but this seems to be the easiest way. I cannot use this method because I still need my maintain my own account and (more importantly) all the access I’ve been granted to various client’s accounts so I have to follow the instructions you linked to.


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