Change of nameserver with IP



I was making changes to the nameserver as requested by cloudflare, but when I went to do it in the godaddy domain provider, I asked that the namesever be accompanied by an ip. This only happens to me for a domain

Where can I get this ip from each of the nameserver?

I was looking in the forum where I can find the IP addresses of Cloudflare to be inserted together with N.S.?


Just type the name server’s host name in here (use the default “A” record option):


Already verify the ip of the cloudflare nameserver and add them to the domain.

Cloudflare continues to notify itself that the nameserver has not been added since a few hours have passed since the change.

Verify the ip of the domain after the change of the nameserver and only respond with a single regitro:


It can take up to 48 hours for name server changes.