Change of hosting affected the functioning of my website with Cloudflare

Good day friends I have my free account with Cloudflare and the service was working well with my website, but yesterday my hosting provider migrated the site to a new server and changed the dns of the new hosting in my domain and delete the site in my Cloudflare account does not load my website, my hosting provider tells me that the changes in Cloudflare have not spread completely and I would like to know how long these changes are spread because they are all right, I would like to know also if the error of no load of my website lies in Cloudflare, I attached an screenshot, thanks so much for the help that the community can give me.

You did not add DNS records when you added your site to Cloudflare.

The entire domain does not seem to be on Cloudflare but the nameservers point to Sunsuca.

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everything was solved it was question of hoping that the changes of dns were propagated, thanks for the helps received friends

For the sake of good order, the domain is still pointing to Sunsuca, even though Sunsuca believe it should be pointing to Ticsys.

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