Change nameservers to cloudflare, what about old DNS reccords

Dear Forum members,

The situation is as follows:
Website is currently hosted at siteground, currently I am developing my new website which will be hosted on servebolt.
Website will be rebuild from the ground up.

As soon as whe are ready with the development of the website we have to change the nameservers within siteground registar to the once of cloudflare.
As soon as we do this DNS settings will be imported and manged within cloudflare.
I will be using a n new manged cloudlfare account managed by servebolt. (so I won’t be using the old cloudlfare account which is currently used for cloudflare integration with siteground)

My question is, are there not a lot of unnecessary old DNS records imported to cloudlfare that have no use considering the fact that I have built an entire new website and we changed hosting?

Should I simply remove all unnecessary DNS records after they have been imported to cloudlflare?
Attached I have a list of current DNS records, it would be highly appreciated if somebody could let me know which ones I should keep and which ones I can delete. (Servebolt does not support email, so I plan to use an external service for both transactional email and our normal email)

Thanks in advance for your help!

This is really up to you and the services you use. As far as Cloudflare is concerned, it recommends a minimum of, www, and an MX record.

Understood, so most other DNS records besides www. and MX records are in my case old remainders of previous website and hosting.

Does it hurt having old DNS records still present?

And can the to cloudflare imported DNS records be changed after importing them? Or should I remove unnecessary ones before hand?

You can add/delete/edit records here to your heart’s content. I’d suggest a screenshot or other recording of all records in case you need to fix anything that breaks.

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