Change Nameservers to Cloudflare for enabling CDN

I need help configuring namservers to point to Cloudflare to enable CDN.

What I did is I changed my namservers on Namecheap to point to the Cloudflare nameservers (previously they were pointing to Hostinger).

My website was down after I pointed the nameservers to Cloudflare.

I have talked with Hostinger where I host my site and they told me to change the namservers on Namecheap (where I have my domain name registered) to the Cloudflare namservers and now it’s down.

Namecheap told me to contact Hostinger and see if it’s possible to connect my domain using A record and then create this record on the Cloudflare side.

I don’t know exactly what I should to now, maybe you guys can help me with configuration as they keep passing me around :slight_smile:

Post your domain in Preformatted text so any community members would assist you.


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