Change Nameservers to another Cloudflare Nameservers

I’m using a service called
I want to connect the domain name with their website.
They asked me the following:
"- Remove these nameservers
agustin .ns. Cloudflare. com
lana .ns.Cloudflare. com

  • Add these nameservers
    romina .ns. Cloudflare. com "

Can you help me change the Nameservers of my domain as their request?

This is something that you will do at your domain registrar.


I bought this domain name directly on Cloudflare

My default nameserver is
NS agustin. ns. Cloudflare. com
NS lana. ns. Cloudflare. com
And it cannot be changed. If at another service I can change easily, but I bought this domain name directly on Cloudflare.

If you got your domain through the Cloudflare registrar, you won’t be able to transfer-out your domain for 60 days. Its nameservers are set by Cloudflare once it’s been registered and added to your account.

If you registered the domain through Cloudflare, and it’s already on your account with Cloudflare’s nameservers set, why are you trying to change to different Cloudflare nameservers than the one’s automatically assigned to it? You’d said you were told to change them, but why though? Generally, you’d just add whatever DNS records you need for a particular service through your Cloudflare dashboard.

What is That domain doesn’t appear to exist‽

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Presumably because the platform he’s trying to use his domain with manages DNS/websites via Cloudflare; so this platform would add this domain to their own Cloudflare account to achieve that.

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As this is imposed by Cloudflare (not icann), it is possible that Cloudflare may allow the domain to be transferred away via a support ticket, given the circumstances.

That being said, my experience is that support agents often cite (incorrectly) icann rules that prohibit transfers within 60 days.


That was my thought as well. It has me wondering if inviting them as an admin would have the same result.

Yeah, I get DNS_PROBE_FINSHED_NXDOMAIN (which hints toward a nonexistant domain)!

You choose the “domain” option when setting up the custom domain on uTeach. Delete it, and add the custom domain using the “subdomain” option. Then on the Cloudflare dashboard add a CNAME DNS record using the details on the uTeach custom domain page.


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