Change Nameservers in CF

I have transfer and register several domain names with CF only to find out that I am not able to create custom nameservers unless I upgrade to business plan. Can some please let me know if that is correct and I whould like to have this flexibility and not pay 2K thank you

“Custom nameservers” only gives you custom/vanity nameservers with your domain instead of The nameservers are still on Cloudflare’s DNS infrastructure, not pointed at another provider.

You can point your DNS A/AAA/CNAME records at most web and mail hosts so it isn’t an issue for most users. If you mention the host, someone may be able to point you at instructions (Google can also find that information!).

You can also delegate nameservers for subdomains.

If you really do need to change the nameservers, you will need to transfer the domain out of Cloudflare after the 60-day ICANN mandated time. You can still use Cloudflare features by adding your domain to Cloudflare later.

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