Change Nameservers @ Hostinger

OK, relative newbie here, so bear with me please.

Registered domain from here on Cloudflare.
Hosted domain on Hostinger under 2 year basic plan.

Currently ICANN shows nameservers here at Cloudflare. I cannot change the nameserver on Hostinger because the domain is external, so none of their tutorials apply. Instead they show their own nameservers tied to the domain, which is an error.

If Hostinger is forcing me to point the NS to them can I change the NS here on Cloudflare to do so? I’d rather use CF, but at this point I’m just trying to get the domain to resolve.

Thank you!

You can’t change your nameservers when your domain is registered with Cloudflare.

You need to find the A record for your Hostinger hosting and add that to your Cloudflare DNS records…


Thank you. I’d already added the A records and was getting 403 error. Took a few hours away, shook the cobwebs, tried again and it’s working. Honestly it was probably something dumb like wrong IP, etc. Thanks again!!

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