Change nameservers from CloudFlare to CloudFlares other name servers

I have had a domain that I purchased from Cloudflare for months that I cannot use because I moved the domain from one of my old Cloudflare accounts to a new Cloudflare account and I need to change the name servers from those Cloudflare name servers to different Cloudflare name servers. They wont tell me where to go to enter the new name server info even tho I am on cloudflares name servers already just not the right ones… the domain has been just sitting pending name server change for months.
Where do i change it within Cloudflare? From existing Cloudflare name servers to different Cloudflare name servers?

Hi I noticed your ticket with Support and will reopen that and escalate this post for my colleague from the Registrar team to assist.

Thank you I am just confused and this has been like this for awhile. I am just now wanting to use that particular domain again. Thank you.

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I escalated the post here and reopened ticket 2435592, sorry for the issues.

no worries I have like 51 total domains to play with anyways…but thank you sir.

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I noticed the comment from the Engineer. Can you see if you can find the invoice for that purchase and share it on your ticket?

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