Change nameservers for .us domain

We are assisting a partner in moving DNS hosting to Cloudflare. Their domain is a .us domain and the registrar is listed as US Locality. Anyone have experience, tips or guidance on gaining access or requesting nameserver changes for a .us domain?

Thanks in advance!

It should work like any other .us domain. I have one registered at Gandi and pointing to Cloudflare name servers.

Thanks for the reply! I guess to be more specific, our partner doesnt have a ton of info on how to gain access to the registrar, ‘US Locality’. and we’re trying to help them with that first. Any experience with that?

Ah, I understand. Where are you seeing that?

If you’ve like more specific guidance, please post the actual domain name.

Grabbed it from the ‘WHOIS’ lookup… Whois

That’s a little different, as it’s really a TLD, which is regional (Colorado). It still might work the same way, though. Have you contacted any of the people at to see if they know how to set the name servers?

Yes, that’s who i’m working with. They’re the partner we’re trying to assist. They are looking to us to help them figure this out. So, they dont have a ton of info.

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