Change nameservers at current registrar?

Hello, please help me understand this. I have signed up for a free account to try the Cloudflare website protection features for our company website. I am using my current registrar for DNS and the instructions state I need to change the nameservers at existing registrar to Cloudflares nameservers. Does this mean that going forward I need to use Cloudflare to manage our domain DNS for all records such as MX records? They all have to be transferred to Cloudflare? I was hoping to use Cloudflare website protection for 1 website and not have to transfer all our existing records. Please explain. Thanks.


Thank you for asking.

Short answer, yes.

Great tutorial about getting started here:

Helpful step-by-step tutorial how to add a new DNS record or edit existing at Cloudflare:

Other way would it be to import the DNS records from a file, if we have them exported from some hosting provider’s interface.

Otherwise, manually each of the DNS record, or maybe via some script combining Cloudflare API and/or Terraform :thinking:

You can use a partial setup on a Business plan or higher.

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