Change nameserver will stop my website?

I have a domain and the domain buy from a registration
and the registration management platform is set the cloudflare nameserver A and B

Now, if I register a cloudflare account and set the same DNS records and go to registration management platform changer the nameserver A and B to C and D (from the new account), my website will close until the nameserver change over? or will keep alive change nameserver will not affect my website?

I’ am not very good at English, so please bear with me.

If you can give the domain, it is easier to check.

If your new account has all the settings in it (DNS, rules, etc) before changing, then changing the nameservers should have no downtime.

Follow the steps here…

my domain:
my new account has already set my settings in it (DNS, rules, etc) before changing
the old nameserver

the new nameserver

I use nsLookup tool check my domain with new nameserver has found my server ip.
it represent the nameserver chaging period will have no downtime right?

Correct, there will be no DNS resolution downtime (both sets of nameservers will resolve for your domain). If there is any site downtime it will be, as I mentioned, if you haven’t set all your DNS records or other settings on the new nameservers correctly.

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okay, I will try and response my result.
thank you so much.

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