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I created a landing page for my mom’s new book and I created a new subdomain and am going to host it on firebase hosting and just point it to googles ips. She uses bluehost and I went to verify ownership by adding a TXT to DNS. Was frustrated it wasn’t working until I figured out the DNS settings are on cloudflare. My mom doesn’t have access to the cloudflare account and I am just thinking about changing the nameserver from cloudflare to bluehost. My biggest concern is breaking my moms website doing this. It is a wordpress site and im not sure how to point DNS to it. the IP in the bluehost DNS (not used) points to some ■■■■ idk where it exists in the cpanel files. I know i can get the landing page/subdomain setup easy if I have DNS access. But I think I will break the main domain because I don’t know the cloudflare DNS settings for it. TLDR: I dont know where my moms main site is actually hosted. It is word press and has the url in the settings. I want to change the name server from cloudflare to bluehost so I can edit DNS for a subdomain. Do not want to break the main domain.

Hi @jpcutshall,

That is an awkward situation. To add the subdomain, you will need to point the nameservers to DNS that you control. You will have to find out where that site is hosted. Perhaps the domain is in a web developer’s Cloudflare account - there is a company name in the site footer, is that the developer?

If you think it is in an account on an email address you have access to, you could try, put the domain in and see if you get the email. That will be the easiest solution if it works, as you will be able to gain control over the Cloudflare account.

If it is on an account that you cannot access, you will need to talk to the provider of that website (I presume there must be payments going out to them), to get the required DNS records to add to your new DNS. Cloudflare won’t reveal the IP behind the proxies, I’m afraid.

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Her email looks like it’s at Bluehost/UnifiedLayer, so her main site most likely is as well. If you type that IP address (from her Bluehost DNS) in at, it most likely matches the IP address for her email MX record host, and probably shows as UnifiedLayer as well.

As @domjh suggested, my first try would be that “forgot” email link. My second try would be to switch the Name Servers back to Bluehost.

If you want a more technical approach, change your local hosts file for her domain name (and ‘www’ as well) and see if the site still loads from your computer.


Yeah I tried the forgot email earlier. She says the people who built her wordpress site own the account probably. So I have sent them an email requesting access or to input in the DNS my requests. Thank you for your help!


They may have added all their client sites to one Cloudflare account, which is not recommended and would mean they can’t share access with you. Hopefully they have done it properly with individual accounts that they can give you access to.

If not, they should be able to provide you with a BIND export of the current DNS records that you could import into your own Cloudflare account or a different DNS provider and then change the nameservers to gain control over the domain’s DNS.


Here’s the link to instructions for exporting a BIND file:

Even if Bluehost can’t import that file, you may just want to eyeball it to see what the records are. It’s semi-humanly readable.


That sounds like a really great solution. I will ask them if they can do that.

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Thank you!

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